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For Teens

15 Reasons to come to the Library

Books | CDs | DVDs
  1. Keep up with the news and trends through newspapers and magazines.
  2. Check out the latest bestsellers.
  3. Borrow CDs and books before you buy them.
  4. Enjoy comfortable, safe study areas.
  5. Find biographies of the great and the average.
  6. Explore science, history and the world.
  7. Get help with your science fair projects and term papers.
  8. Find the movie of the book you enjoyed –and vice versa!
  9. Enjoy good air conditioning when it’s hot and snuggly warmth when it is cold.
  10. Get the lyrics or the CD of that song you heard on the radio
Computers | Internet
  1. Get expert help with the Internet.
  2. Check your e-mail with our free Internet access.
  3. Get the lyrics or the CD of that song you heard on the radio
  4. Use our easy access website to find links to free subscriptions to online resources and databases.
  5. Check your library account online.

Homework Help

Ask a Librarian - A network of experienced reference librarians offering free, live, interactive assistance with any questions you may have. Assitance is available 24/7!

All of these services and more are available on the Delaware Library Catalog.

Useful Links

Writing.com - An online community for writers and readers of all levels

Teen Writers - Get your writing published online! This site provides copyrighting services, writing tips and more!

Teenink - A monthly magazine, website, and book series written completely by teens for teens

Teen Lit - A website for all your writing needs.

Brainevent - Journals, writing gallery, reviews, and so much more!

Resources for Teen Writers - Tips and information to get you started on a creative road to writing.

Teen Reads - Book reviews, authors, and great information.

Booklists - Book lists for any teen looking for a great read!

Teens Point - Reviews galore, includes homework help, writers corner, cool links and loads of teen interests.

Smart Girl - A great website for teen girls who love to read and write. Take surveys, get beauty tips, and great advice for girls.

The Diary Project - This website is an archive of anonymous journal entries in 24 subjects including relationships, body image, and self-esteem. The Diary Project encourages teens to communicate, provide peer-support, have discussions, and get feedback that can help with some of the concerns they deal with along the way.

dMarie Time Capsule - Make your own online time capsule. Enter a date, select from top headlines and birthdates of celebrities, tops hits, top TV shows, hot toys, books, etc.

Guinness Book of World Records - The online version of the infamous record book. You can also submit your own records and record attempts!

Microsoft Terra Server - Find your place on the map! Take a peek through cameras put all over the globe. Zoom in from a satellite

National Youth Advocacy Coalition - This organization supports young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBT).

Snopes.com - Examine not only the truth or reality behind urban legends, "but also common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items."

Teen Consumers - Sponsored by the Washington State Attorney General's Office and written by teens, check out this consumer guide that addresses topics of teen interest-- modeling scams, CD clubs, piercing, sports drinks, tanning, driving laws, scholarship scams, and many more.

Teenwire - Information from Planned Parenthood of America on such topics as sexuality and relationships. Also En Espanol.

Youth at Work - Read about recent court cases involving teen workers and their rights. From the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Youth Noise - Check out this web forum to express yourself and take action.

Teen Advice - Q & A website for teens.

Teen Driving - CT DMV website where you can look up information about Driver's Manuals, Learner's permits, sample Driver's License Tests, and more.

CopeCareDeal -The Sunnylands' Adolescent Mental Health Initiative website with expert information on anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and other mental health topics.

Schmoop - Shmoop will make you a better lover*... *(of literature, history, poetry, life)

7 Crazy Taxes from the US and Abroad - Fun facts!